Ikkaku (madarame_ikkaku) wrote,

OMG....LOLZ......4chan....ok 4chan had nothing to do with anything.

How long has it been since i've been here? Stuff is happening in all my friends entries and i will be hard pressed to read it all. I'll do it though. If you would like to leave a comment with a summary of all the events in your life that have been happening that's cool too. If not....I'll try to read stuffs with extreme prejudice.

My life? Well, Things are moving along. I finally got around to building my monster compy. I couldn't emulate OSX on it though. Made me cry but oh well. I used the Vista Date roll back trick and things have been fine so far. I really wish there was more time in the day so i could do all the things i want to do in the day. Draw, play vidgames, watch anime. Speaking of anime, Romance comedy fans should watch Itazura na kiss. I think i spelled that right. Best situational drama/comedy i've watched since Kare kano.

Been in seattle for almost 2 years now. Wow how time flies. Wait...has it been 2 years? My sense of time is horrid honestly. Months feel like days and years feel like months. Replaying final fantasy 10 right now. Watched roomie play new megaman. Crazy ass game. I'm hoping all the "new playstation system" rumors are just those. It would really suck to have spent all that money on a PS3 just to have them release another system next year. The blue ray is nice, but blue ray hasn't really (and may never) caught on industry yet.

Can't believe i'll be 30 in 2 months. I'm halfway to death. No that's a joke. You don't get halfway dead when you are 30 (at least, i think you don't 0_o) Um...i'm just rambling now, so i'll stop.
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