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Jedi much?

What does your favorite "you" outfit consist of?

Favorite eh?

Blackcargo pants are my fave to wear. But they don't really make them like i remember. I used to wear them a lot. Hopefully, i'll be able to go find some more at the thrift store.
Black sweater hoodie. Can't beat the hoodie. It's just too strong. Black just makes it strong plus 20 DPS.
Black boots. Not that easy to run in, but meh, if i'm wearing my favorite outfit, i'm not going to be doing any running anyway.
Black hooded cloak. Yeah...it's a hooded cloak...it just oozes coolness.
A black skull cap. I prefer anime themed decals on it, but if it's just plain black that's good too.

Man....i wear a lot of black....>_>

So, I saw 2 movies recently. Tropical thunder (meh), And starwars (woot). Tropical thunder wasn't horrid, but i wasn't really enthused with it. I can't deny there were plenty of times it made me laugh but it was pretty stupid. 2 great lines though. Both came from iron man guy. "I know who i am! I'm a dude playin a dude pretendin to be another dude!" And "You never go full retarded."

Life hasn't been too eventful. I had been anticipating a hentai that came out last week and it was exactly what i wanted....all the way up until the halfway point. Then...i was sad. However, it once again proved to me that if i really want to see a good hentai, i need to make it myself. It's not a project that i'm going to be able to complete within a few days, or even a few months. Since i'll be drawing each individual frame of what may end up being an animation, it's going to take a while. I've even made sure i have the story. It features 2 characters i think are perfect for hentai. One of which from a non hentai background because....I'm doing so i'll do what i like. I doubt the entire thing will be animated though since one of the va's doesn't have enough projects so i can't get enough recorded MP3's made for it. And i absolutely hate using the same MP3' voices continually over and over again. I mean true, sex sounds are pretty limited in variety, but it's not the same moan 40 times. That's just stupid.

I know i've made this rant before, but american society is really fucked up. People are so judgmental and ignorant. It really saddens me. Most recently, i was having a discussion at work about a child molestation case brought to Michael Jackson. I'll admit that Mike didn't exercise the best judgment on the whole sleeping with kids thing, but that doesn't means he's instantly guilty of the charges brought against him. Am i saying he's innocent, no. However, i do think that if we have a system that says innocent until proven guilty, let the man be innocent until actually found guilty. "If you were in his place and, had the charges brought against you, you would want the benefit of the doubt. So why can't he get the same treatment from you?" at least, that's what i think to myself. I've learned to bite my tongue about these things and just keep working. Trying to preach to the masses brings you nothing but stress. I stopped a long time ago. It's like with fantasy's. Some people consider their fantasy to be either embarrassing or socially unacceptable thusly never mention it to anyone. To me, if you have a loli fetish, as long as it stays a fantasy, what could possibly be the problem with it? As long as you are healthy enough to be able to distinguish between reality and fiction, how could there be a problem? I don't get it.

I think i'm just being generally bitter toward things as of right now. My rent is going up, i'm probably not going to be able to enroll into school until next semester (winter) and in truth, i really just want to draw more. It's one of my truly totally relaxing outlets as of right now.
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