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do da busa buss

It's been a good couple weeks.

I'm buying the second computer,...or rather, my mother is buying it for me and i'm making payments to her for it, since my credit was too bad for me to be able to buy it myself. This is a good thing. Now i can devote one computer to browsing/torrent downloading/tomfoolery, and one computer to simply being an artist. I've been thoroughly enjoying my time together with The GF. Try to keep my mind off much of the child, and future life stuff. We head up to otakon next weekend. I'm trying to find a better hotel room but looks like we may not be able to do it. Meh, as long as i can spend most of my time hanging with friends i don't care.

Roalee(GF) and myself slept together one night. It would have been much better if i would have had the proper pillows, but i still enjoyed it. Didn't get much sleep because of when we actually went. But that was ok for me. Probably will actually sleep more during the convention since we will be sharing a bed at the hotel. That will be for 4 nights. Can't wait for that.
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