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It's been a long time since i've made an update. Can't believe it's been a month.

Well, the most significant thing that has happened in my life, is that i got a girlfriend. *hears world stop*
Yes that's right. I was kind of shocked at the general idea of it. However, it's a good shocked. The previous week and a half was like heaven for me. It's been such a long time since i was this content with life. We saw each other the Wednesday before the july 4th fireworks show, which we went to together. Then hung out that weekend, 3 days of the next week, the weekend again, and then watched pulp fiction together yesterday evening. I'm trying to be optimistic and enjoy things as they are. I have to admit however, there is a skeptical side of me that thinks things won't be this way for long. I personally don't believe anything will change from my perspective or standpoint on the relationship, But i do think she will get a little tired of me after a while, and our time together will be cut. I tried to hint at it last night to see exactly what her thoughts on things were and she pretty much had the same well...i'll say suspicions that i have about it. However as long as i can be around her i'll simply enjoy it. When the time comes that she doesn't want me around as much i'll just have to deal with it.

My finances however are a different story right now. I'm still going to otakon, but my roomie has put me in a crappy situation. I can't really totally blame him for it though, because in hindsight, i should have known better and just been saving up the money that i needed for the bills. What i mean is, From the time i moved in with him back in....crap i don't remember. But since we've been living together, he has never taken any utility money from me. The few times i've said anything, it's just been, "We will take care of it eventually." Of course, it would have been better to take care of it while it was small. Now it's big and i owe him like, 400 dollars for all the bills. It would have been more, but he hadn't been paying me for the bills he owed me either. I've made sure the problem doesn't continue by saving my half of bills even when he doesn't ask, and getting half of the bills put in my name (water and sewage). But now i have a large sum i owe and can't do anything about. Oddly though, it doesn't matter much to me. When i was single and alone this would have pissed me off a bit. But as for right now, it's just something that needs to be done. I'll probably just not actually buy much at otakon and give him the money from there. Push come to shove by october i will have him paid up, but still, it would have been better if it could have been small sums instead of the large sum.
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*hits his head against a dresser during world stop*

freakin' A that hurt!
Oh crap. Sorry about that man. Just be lucky you were inside a house or else you would have just flown off into space.
Put some sugar in that bitter drink! But you're right, enjoy it while you have it because you never know! Hooray for you!
I'm trying. Yeah, things are going well right now and that's important to me. How are your kids doing? Have you had to deal with any bullies or rebellious tendencies yet? Has the housing market affected you guys much?

I'm so happy for you! Pictures damnit! Ron their must be pictures!

Hope you get the bills stuff worked out... OMG! :D :D :D

Wheres otakon?

Ah! Keeping you in my thoughts, glad you both have the same suspicions. That is a good thing! Sounds like your in the same boat :)
There aren't any pictures yet. Well, no pictures i'm going to post since all of them are of me looking like a tool on purpose. But after the convention there will be pictures.

Yeah, it bites that my roomie did things like this. But since he waited so long to do anything, he can wait longer to get the money he wants.

Otakon is in baltimore MD on the east coast.

Hope things are going well for you too.
I'm not sure what exactly to say, but I guess you should enjoy your time together, rather than dwell on what might happen in the future. I'm glad you're having fun :)

...and bills suck, even though I don't need to pay any yet :D

It's hard for me not to think about the future, but i am trying. i'm still enjoying things as they are though.

Ah i remember the days when i didn't pay bills. Of course, i also had to listen to my mother because of those days and couldn't do a lot of things. I guess that's the trade off.
That makes me so happy to hear that you've found someone. If you try to stay positive, I'm sure a more positive outcome will come from it. Being insecure and unsure will often push women away, because we crave security. :)

I hope that the convention is awesome! :)
Well, i make sure to make her feel like i want her when we are together, so she never really see's any of my skeptikal thoughts when we are together. However, i will consider your advice next time we are together.