Ikkaku (madarame_ikkaku) wrote,

AH yes. i remember having a livejournal.

I have a set position, it's not horrible. Been making plans to go back to school in the fall for my associates. Haven't decided what in yet though. Either graphic arts or computer engineering. Speaking of Computers, i've got a few of the parts for my dream computer. Bought a motherboard, case and power supply. They all cost about 400 dollars together. Just need to buy a processor, Ram, and a video card. That will all cost me another 400. But it will be worth it to use photoshop again. I drew a rukia picture last weekend. The weekend before that i went to AKON in dallas. Was a pretty cool convention. But i realized from being there that i'm getting older and the fans seem to be getting younger. I'll go to otakon in a few months too. We'll see how that turns out. Trying to date here in seattle. Too bad i'm failing miserably. Sometimes i hate my life.

and that is all.
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