Ikkaku (madarame_ikkaku) wrote,

meme thingy

01) Write 20 things you wish you could say to people, but never will. Or maybe you will?
02) Don't say who they are.
03) Never discuss it again.(big maybe on that one lol)

1.Must be nice abandoning people. You probably feel proud of yourself eh?

2.You are a drama queen, grow some balls you midget.

3.Wish i could have been in your life.

4.If i'm lucky, maybe one day i'll mean something to you.

5.You have to accept what society is if you want to live in it. If you don't, stop complaining and just become a hermit.

6. When did i ever ask for your or anyone's help for that matter?

7. I made a promise to you, and you made one to me. Lets look and see who is still keeping their promise.

8. If i want something, i know how to ask for it. Don't make assumptions about my life based on things i haven't told you.

9. When you do find out what you want send me an email. The sky will probably fall that same day and i want some warning.

10. There isn't a single person who can tell me something about my life that i don't already know.

12. It's cool if we aren't in a relationship, but at least talk to me from time to time.

13. I'd move to the moon if it meant i could be with you.

14. I really don't want to hear about how he doesn't treat you like you want. That's no one's fault but yours. LEAVE HIM.

15. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I realize how much you have sacrificed for me, and all i can say is i'm sorry.

16. i wonder where would i be now, if i would have been the one who had sex with you?

17. You are more important to me than you probably realize

18. I've always wondered, ...why did you do it?

19. Do girls like you always pass up something good that you like for something bad that you like? Knowing that the bad thing will bring you tears in the end?

20. I wish i could have stopped you from leaving that morning. It may not have changed anything. But at least i would have seen you a bit longer.
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