Ikkaku (madarame_ikkaku) wrote,

A reminder for myself.

Whiped out.... down the stairs. I'll bet you,.. there's a song in there.
Not sure i'm prepared...to write it down.
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"whiped out"???
Wiped out? as in fell? Dude, I need to teach you how to do it right next time. I've perfected a technique of falling down the stairs that's rather graceful and artful and will guarantee you at least a 9.0 in the creativity part of the performance. Thing is, you have to be... bendy. O_o Well, at least flexible enough where you can bring your feet up to your butt while bending backwards... and have very good upper body strength... and enough armspan to cover the stairs side to side... yeah, you'd just have to see it to get it. Methinks.
haha actually, those are lyrics from a barenakedladies song to remind me to get both their albums when i go to music store on my lunch break.